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Chef Tet
works at Hongkong Fried Noodles located at 2353 RJ Place,  Laura St., Pandacan, Manila. She has been cooking for 25 years now, preparing food for all occasions - birthdays, parties, seminars, weddings, baptisms, etc. It may be in packed lunch, food trays or a buffet style. She is always on hand to organize all kinds of events either at your own place or a venue of your own choice.


As a Nutrition and Dietetic Technician, Chef Tet can plan menus and prepare food for people with special nutritional needs - our seniors, children, the sick, those who need to gain weight or get slim. She can help develop healthy menus for individual patients as part of an overall treatment plan. Chef Tet creates and serves healthier prepared food. She practices delivery of safe, quality food and nutrition services.

Feel free to choose among Chef Tet's signature dishes below.




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So whatever momentous occasion you are to celebrate, make it even more memorable with Chef Tet's wide array of food choices.


 For inquiries/orders, please contact (02) 7728-2134 or (0995) 2875481

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