Three Life Lessons We Can Learn From The Film "Bird Box

Have you watched Bird Box on Netflix yet? Well, Netflix says basically everyone else has.



Bird Box, which started streaming on Netflix last December 21, 2018 is based on writer and singer Josh Malerman's 2014 post-apocalyptic debut novel of the same name. The book follows a woman who must find a way to guide herself and her two children to safety despite the potential threat from an unseen adversary.

Bird Box
unfolds across two timelines: the first, in which Malorie 
(Sandra Bullock) attempts to shepherd "Girl" (Vivien Lyra Blair) and "Boy" (Julian Edwards) through a post-apocalyptic landscape — while all three of them are blindfolded; and the second, several years earlier, explaining the circumstances that led them to their journey in the first place.

The film however, follows the same basic structure as the book, but 
certain characters, plot elements and most notably, the ending are reconfigured.

You can take a sneak peek at the Bird Box Trailer here:

Some who have already watched the film thinks that Bird Box represents the fear of parenthood 
while others have theories on the effects of social media. Some also believe that there are hidden messages involving mental health issues as well and still many viewers think it's a faith-filled religious analogy.

Regardless of how one sees the film, it is just right to say that the movie has a far bigger meaning than just watching people walk around outside with blindfolds on. Therefore, here are three (3) life lessons that we can learn from the film Bird Box


1. It pays to be prepared, setting clear expectations.

As depicted in the very first scene, Malorie was instructing her two four year old children to do exactly as she says, with the most important order to never take their blindfolds off no matter what happens in order to survive their journey down the river. She was making herself clear as to what needs to be done, how and why they should do exactly what she says.

Being prepared for anything that happens in life, no matter how bad or unexpected it is, is a life advice that everyone should already been doing. It is about finding the balance between living in the moment and being ready for anything that can go wrong. There are several things we can try, skills to build, mindset to develop but the sum of all these will mean being able to deal with anything life throws at us.

2. Sometimes being "forced" not to look helps.

In the film, they chose to wear blindfolds to prevent exposure to supernatural forces who take the form of their most potent fears and lead them to take their own lives. The blindfolds served as covering and shield protecting them from "looking" around which may bring them harm.

It's like being blind to the world thus preventing being blinded by the world. Sometimes, by not seeing, saves us - already filtering for us distractions that may hinder us from focusing to what or which is more important.

3. Recognizing the true "voices" from the fake ones.

The characters had to exercise their intuitive power so as to know who among those who knocks on their door genuinely seek refuge as against those who wanted to harm them. Though they let in both good and bad people, this teaches us that we should also be picky with who we "listen" to asking for our help or who we let into our lives. Not everyone has good intentions even though they come disguised as such.


 Go on find your way to see this Netflix film.  Bird Box is a good movie even if you watch it literally.



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